We provide a free recovery service. If you have lost an item made from metal or has metal content then use our contact form to request a search. Please note that we are in full time employment so searches can only be carried out during our spare time.

Free Metal Recovery

If you live in the United Kingdom area & have lost a ring whilst gardening, a mobile phone whilst walking the dog, tools or machine parts in the field then contact us for help.

PLEASE NOTE we can only search for lost items on land where permission has been granted by the landowner for a search using metal detectors to take place. We will require the land owners contact details to confirm permission has been granted before any search can take place.

Sorry, we do not search for lost pets.

Ring Of Great Sentimental Value Found!

Metal Detecting UK Recovery Service

Last summer we had a message from Donna. Donna had lost a ring, (in Donnas words it was not valuable) but was a gift which held great sentimental value. The ring was lost whist gardening in quite a large garden. Donna did not know the area in the garden the ring was lost so this looked as if it was going to be a long search!

John & I arrived at Donnas home on a Saturday morning. We decided to work a grid pattern. John started at bottom right & I started top left & we slowly worked our way through our grid system. After a fantastic lunch ( Thanks Donna!) we carried on the search. After about an hour & half I heard a faint “Got it!” through my phones. Looked up & John had a beaming smile. Donna had since left to do a bit of shopping, so we decided to pack up & leave taking the ring with us for safe keeping rather than posting through Donnas letter box.

Later that evening I rang Donna and the first words she said to me were: “no luck Mark?” “Yes!”, I said and in an excited voice Donna said: “What, you found it!” “Yes”, I said. I could tell by the short spell of silence and the tone in Donnas response, how much this ring meant to her.

Newley Engaged Couple Relieved

One of our most valuable finds to date was Claire’s engagement ring.

Claire had been engaged to Simon for only a few weeks when she unfortunately lost her engagement ring! Claire & her fiance Simon were out walking their dog Ernie. Claire threw a tennis ball for Ernie to retrieve when her ring flew off into long grass! Luckily Claire & Simon had a rough idea of area ring had been lost, they carried out a frantic search but unfortunately were unsuccessful so contacted us.

We asked Claire & Simon to ask owner of field where ring was lost if they would be happy with allowing us to use a metal detector on their land to try to locate the ring. Permission was obtained & a day & time agreed to carry out search. On arrival we were greeted by an anxious Claire who showed us the area the ring was lost. She also gave a brief description of the ring. From the description we could see this was a valuable loss not only in monetary value but more importantly to Claire it had, as you would expect, great sentimental value.

We set up our equipment & got to work. After only 3/4hr I had a nice crisp signal. I parted the grass and there it was! The diamond glistening in the sun. I could not believe it! Claire came rushing over I handed her the ring & she broke into tears & gave John & I the biggest hug ever. She immediately rang Simon who was overjoyed & could not thank us enough. I explained that seeing how happy we had made them both was enough thanks for us and was the reason we set up & offer our free recovery service. Thanks for gift Claire & Simon although totally unexpected it was a wonderful gesture & greatfully received.