How To Metal Detect

Rome coins found with metal detectors in United Kingdom.

Metal detecting is growing in popularity each and every day. More and more people are seeing what a fun and lucrative hobby it is. Because there are so many new treasure hunters out there, many people will be wondering just how to go about metal detecting.

While it is quite simple, it is certainly more than waving a metal detector around. It requires a mix of skill, patience, special metal detecting equipment and luck to find something truly great. After some practice, you can turn this hobby into something so much more.

UK metal detecting finds of best rated detectorists.

There first thing you need to do is to understand your machine. If you do not know how your detector works, you will not be successful. Before you do anything, read the owner’s manual from cover to cover. This will give you all of the information you need about your new detector. The best thing to keep in mind is that there is a, invisible field around the coil. When metal enters this invisible field, the detector will send you an alert. Some high quality detectors can tell you what the item is, how far away it is, and how valuable it is.

Once you have learned the tools of your trade, you will need to find a good location. One of the best places to go are beaches, but if there are no beaches in your area, you can always go to a park. These are perfect metal detecting beginner areas. Before you set out on your first treasure hunting journey, be sure to do some research. If the park was just recently made, you will most likely not find any historical artifacts. The longer the park or beach has been around, the more likely you will score big. Take your time and find the perfect area.

Now comes the big moment; the time when you actually begin searching for gold and other loot. It is important to remember that you are searching for anything of value. Search for copper, iron, gold, jewelry, silver, and things of that nature. By now, you should have learned your metal detectors capabilities like its depth and how sensitive it is. Once you have your desired settings, you simply start searching. Set yourself up a perimeter, and begin moving within it. Don’t expect to find anything right away, but also don’t give up if your search takes a while. Metal detecting is a patient man’s game.

Metal detecting has become rather popular of the years. Everyone has imagined themselves as a treasure hunter now and again. With this incredible new technology, you can actually become one. All it takes is a bit of knowledge, patience, and the right tools. Most importantly, remember to have fun.

Making money is wonderful, but if you focus too much on it, you will forget to have an amazing time while you search for treasure in the ground. This is a unique hobby that can actually become quite lucrative. Go out and give it a try. You won’t regret it.


  1. Permission as a Tourist to detect in the UK

    Good Morning

    My name‘s Nicolas Chaperon, im 13 Years old, i live in Switzerland and i detect my regional area with my Equinox 800 since two years with much more experience. In autumn my familiy is looking forward to take holidays in Britain. And since i know that the UK is intresting, i would like to take my Metal Detector with me. And my Questions are:

    – Do you need a License to Detect or do you need the permission from the Landowner?

    – What do you have to do with the Finds you made?

    -Is there any laws in Britain that i need to obey?

    Im waiting patiently for a reponse

    Friendly greetings


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