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Looking for the Best Metal Detecting Digging Tool? Check out our (updated) Review Of The Lesche Digging Tool.

Lesche Digging Tool

Lesche Digging Tool Review – Best Metal Detecting Digging Tool

When I first saw the Lesche Digging Tool at White’s of New England in Watertown, I thought to myself “I just want to cut plugs, not saw down small trees!”

Upon closer examination, I was convinced this rugged, yet well designed tool would suit all of my land hunting needs.

The Lesche digger tool (pronounced LES-KEE) is made of chrome molly steel giving it incredible strength and durability. It is 12″ in overall length with a 7″ x 1- 3/4″ blade. One side of the blade is serrated and slightly curved, allowing for scoop-like operation.

It is ergonomically designed with the blade being recessed two inches behind the comfortable and covered 4-1/2″ long handle. The most important feature to this tool, as I have found, is the 4″ wide hand guard. I realized the importance of the guard the first time I encountered a rock while digging a grass plug. Needless to say, my hand was prevented from slipping down and being cut along the serrated blade edge.

Lesche Digging Tool Field Test

Eager to put the Lesche dogger to the test, I went outside to the front yard, to a grassy area surrounding some trees, knowing I would encounter the “dreaded” tree root. The blade sliced through the grass with ease, cutting a nearly perfectly rounded 6″ plug of grass. Having not met any resistance from rocks or tree roots, I proceeded to scoop out a fairly large quantity of dirt and there they were-tree roots.

Lesche Digging Tool Field Test

I don’t normally make a practice of sawing through roots if I don’t have to but this was a test and one or two roots wasn’t going to cause the demise of a fully grown tree. I carefully chose a root about 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick and proceeded to saw through it. Before I had realized it, I had sawed it in half.

The intention of the large white warning label placed on the digger by the manufacturer was now clearly understood. It reads: “Warning! Do not use in areas where underground electric lines, wires, or cables may be present.” Well placed I might add, as these obstacles would be no match for the Lesche.

The price may seem a bit steep, but after using the Lesche a few times, you will be as convinced as I was that this may be the last digging tool you’ll ever have to buy.

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