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My metal detecting equipment review

Metal Detecting UK would like to make it clear that we are not an affiliate to any company recommended on our website. The companies we recommend are companies we have dealt with over the years that have provided a good product and service all at a great price. We believe that word of mouth is the best advertising for any company offering great service!

The recommendations below are just that, recommendations. We would advise people to carry out as much research as possible concerning any metal detecting equipment they wish to purchase.

Primary Metal Detector

Minelab E-Trac

Minelab Etrac

The Minelab Etrac metal detector is just one superb machine. In my opinion for the price this is one of the best detectors out there. Although an excellent machine, this is not a switch on & go detector. Yes there are very good pre-set programmes but until you have spent hours using this machine you will not benefit from it’s capabilities & full potential.

I was a little wary about having to spend the amount of money the Etrac costs and wondered if I had spent my money wisely. However, I was not disappointed. As I do with all detectors I try various settings & dig all signals. After time it is funny how I seem to just tune in to a detector & finds start appearing. This machine found two cut hammereds in an area I had done to death.

Thinking of buying an Etrac? As long as you are patient for a good few hours while you learn this beast you will be well rewarded.

Secondary Metal Detector

Minelab Explorer XS

The Minelab Explorer XS was my first ‘serious’ detector. Now it is my secondary metal detector but for many years the XS served me very well. Being my first ‘serious’ detector it took some getting used to. I programmed with all sorts of settings & dug every signal. It took a while but once both man & machine were operating on the same frequency this machine really produced the goods.

Though production of these great detectors has been discontinued there are many second hand Explorer XS’s on the market at very good prices indeed. But buyer beware!!! These detectors are prone to developing a powering on randomly fault. Basically a chip requires replacing at a cost of around £85 – £90 so bear this in mind when buying second hand from auction sites etc. If you have a faulty keyboard try Steve at MSR for a quick & very reasonably priced repair. If you wish to purchase a second hand unit I can recommend buying from Kevin at Staffordshire Metal Detectors. Kevin is a genuine bloke and his aftercare service is second to none.


ChefPhones CP3 TT Headphones

ChefPhones CP3 TT Headphones

These headphones are the bees knees! Not only comfortable to wear but stylish and the sound is second to none. I have used many different makes & models of metal detecting headphones in the past & I can confidently say the CP3 TT are the best. Hear everything your detector is telling you in crisp clear sound. Windy days are not a problem, these headphones keep that annoying wind ‘noise’ at bay. Very sturdy & come with a lifetime guarantee (excludes lead). With volume control & Mode/kill switch these are the ideal headphone for most detectors.

Purchased from ChefPhones. Prompt delivery & a great price. Highly recommended.

Pin Point Probe

Garrett Oin Point Probe

Garrett Pro Pointer

I would not consider buying any other probe than the Garrett Pro Pointer Probe. The probe is sturdy, reliable and saves a lot of time out in the field.

Not the cheapest probe on the market but, in my opinion better than those more expensive makes… know who you are!

If used correctly this probe will go the distance & beyond. I cannot stress enough that the probe should not be used as a digger! Using the probe to dig will damage it causing falsing and irregular signaling. Remember, probes are probes not diggers!


Detech Ultimate 13″ Coil

Weighing in at around 480g makes this a lite weight coil compared with other DD coils on the market. I was very impressed with the weight balance using the Detech Ultimate 13 coil on the Minelab Etrac. The pin point was also excellent. I decided to test the coil in a small field detected time & time again over the years using a Minelab Explorer XS with stock coil & also the Etrac with stock coil. Within a couple of minutes I had found a Cartwheel Penny at nearly 12″. Ok the Cartwheel Pennies are big coins but at a depth of 12″ it was definitely down to the coil capabilities that it was found. Later in day on same field & up came two medieval strap ends & three spindle whorls, all at very impressive depths indeed.

Definitely a coil for your armory but it does have it’s downside when running the Etrac flat out. On wet grass, the coil seems very unstable compared to the stock coil & SEF 8 x 6. I normally adjust my settings if grass is wet & the coil is back to a great performer! All in all a good coil & worth considering.

Detech SEF 8 x 6 Coil

Lets get straight to the point. Buy one! This coil is superb & I would never go detecting without it. I have one permission that has a lot of iron contamination & I mean a lot! I tested this coil not really expecting any results but WOW to find a hammered amongst the Iron I was amazed. This coil is excellent & I cannot recommend it enough. Close proximity signal separation is excellent. Not only does it perform in contaminated areas but it is also excellent on stubble.


Steel Spade AT Gladius Black Ada Shovel

Black Adda Shovel

For a digger that is good on ploughed and pasture then the Black Adder Digger is an ideal option. From the light weight sturdy design to the small neat holes that can be dug, this makes this digger a must for any responsible detectorist.

I have been using my BAD for years and apart from paint wear on the blade, it is still as good as the day I purchased it. Great tool & excellent value for money.

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