I first tried metal detecting when I was a boy way back in 1984! A friends dad had an old metal detecting machine (I cannot remember what make) which my friend & I used in my friends garden. Needless to say we found absolutely nothing!

Fast forward to 1994 & for some reason metal detecting sprang into my mind. I decided to ‘surf’ the net & was amazed at all the wonderful finds people had recovered using metal detectors. Even though the internet was in it’s infancy & security an issue, I decided with no local metal detecting shops nearby I would purchase a detector on-line. A couple of days after placing my order it arrived! Not an expensive detector, as I recall it was a cheap in fact one of the cheapest models.

So I had my shiny new detector but I had no land, no experience & did not know anyone who used a metal detector! I decided to ask around for land to try my detector on. Quite by chance, a couple of days after my detector arrived I was invited to a family party. A week or so later I arrived at the venue…….an old farmhouse! I could not believe it. The house belonged to a 2nd cousin whom I had not seen for many many years!

I was soon introduced to the party host & many distant relatives who remembered me as a baby but unfortunately through time I had never met again and so did not recognise. The farmhouse turned out to be extremely old and had acres & acres of land. Permission to metal detect was given. My first visit was ful of antisipation. Driving to the farm I remember thinking, what will i find? In reality with the detector I had I was not going to find a lot but I did find a few victorian coins and two spindle whorls! That was it I was hooked! I decided to go for it and bought a second hand Minelab Explorer XS. What a machine. It took ages to master but once we were both operating on the same level she didn’t half produce the goods!

With the arrival of my first child in the early years of 2000 metal detecting had to be put on the back burner. Sadly, quite by chance the farm was sold at the same time. Fast forward again to 2012 & I was back! New Minelab Etrac detector, new permissions & a new website!

I hope you enjoy the website & what it has to offer. I will update as often as a find appears so check in regulary. I also have a service called “Tweet From The Field”. If you follow me on twitter you will get update of finds (including images) as they come out of the ground! Be sure to checkout my videos & like me on FaceBook as well!